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Join us at The Stroud Goddess Temple for workshops exploring topics such as crystals for beginners, the chakra system or learning more about angels and spirit guides.


Each workshop INCLUDES handouts on the topic for you to take away with you, tea and snacks.

Upcoming dates in 2023:

Saturday 4th March 3pm - 5pm - Crystals for Beginners

Sunday 23rd April 11am - 1pm - Spiritual Protection and Energy Maintenance

Saturday 13th May 3pm - 5pm - Working with the Chakras

Saturday 10th June 3pm -5pm - Crystals for Self-Expression

See below for details

Image of an angel aura crystal

Crystals for Beginners

Date: Saturday 4th March 2023 3pm - 5pm

Price: £15.50

This workshop has now taken place, if you'd be interested in the next Crystals for Beginners pls email

* Please feel free to bring a crystal of your own to learn how to tune in to it, or work with one of the crystals provided

  • How do crystals work?

  • Cleansing, charging and storing crystals

  • Blessing and programming crystals

  • Choosing crystals, including ethical considerations

  • Building a rapport with your crystal

  • Tuning in to your crystal meditation

Spiritual Protection and Energy Maintenance

Date: Sunday 23rd April 2023 11am - 1pm

Price: £15.50


This workshop has now taken place, pls email to register interest for alternative dates

  • Why it's important to protect yourself whilst working with crystals + a variety of protective techniques
  • Entities and what genuine messages 'sound' like
  • Getting rid of unwanted entities
  • The importance of grounding
  • Suitable crystals for grounding and protection 
  • Grounding meditation

Working with the chakras

Date: Saturday 13th May 2023 3pm - 5pm

  • Understanding the 7 chakra system and how it works

  • What each chakra represents and how to work with it

  • Chakra balancing meditation

Price: £15.50

Crystals for self-expression

Date: Saturday 10th June 2023 3pm - 5pm

Price: £15.50

Working with angels and spirit guides


  • Working with your throat and sacral chakras to facilitate self-expression in both creativity and speaking your truth

  • Working with crystals such as Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Aquamarine and Turquoise

  • Breathing exercises and other ways to work with your throat chakra

  • Meditation to unlock self-expression

  • What are angelic beings and spirit guides?

  • How to connect with them

  • Prominent angels and their specialities

  • Types of spirit guides

  • Discerning the source of information, and understanding ways in which legitimate angels and guides communicate

Upcoming workshops:

Crystal Grids

Shadow work with crystals

Crystals for joy

Crystals for self-love and forgiveness

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