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6 x Tuesday evenings
25TH OCTOBER 2022 - 29TH NOVEMBER 2022*
7pm - 8.30pm
@Stroud Goddess Temple, 50 London Road (behind Frowens), Stroud GL5 2AD

*If you're not able to make all 6 sessions, please contact me as I can facilitate alternative arrangements

An introductory course for beginners who want to work with crystals for their own growth, healing and development, and acquire a thorough grounding in the subject.

Price: £255 

Price INCLUDES 6 core crystals, comprehensive course notes and refreshments. 

Each participant will receive their own crystal bundle to keep containing: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz Point, Aventurine, 1 x grounding stone, 1 x either Citrine, Sunstone or Carnelian

4 places remaining

Course Summary

Week 1

Tuesday 25th Oct 2022

Session 1 - Crystal Basics

How do crystals work? How are crystals formed and how does this impact on their healing properties?

Cleansing your crystals

Protection and what messages 'sound like'

Selecting crystals

Tuning in to your crystal

Meditation: Connecting to your crystal meditation with a crystal of your choice

Week 2

Tuesday 1st Nov 2022

Session 2 - Chakras and relaxation

Description of the chakras and chakra system

Chakra balancing crystal techniques

Properties of Amethyst

Guided Meditation: Relaxation with Amethyst

Week 3

Tuesday 8th Nov 2022

Session 3 - Grounding and self-love

Discussion and description of grounding, why it's important and quick grounding techniques

Meditation: grounding using an appropriate crystal of choice

Properties of Rose Quartz and the importance of self-love and nurturance

Guided Meditation: Rose Quartz

Week 4

Tuesday 15th Nov 2022

Session 4 - Focus and Clarity

Healing crises + shadow crystals

Working with crystal points and understanding how they direct energy

Guided Meditation: Clear Quartz Point

Week 5

Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022

Session 5 - Improving energy and confidence

Working with more than one crystal at a time – intuitive mini-grids/nets or layouts

How to store your crystals

Guided Meditation: Citrine/Sunstone/Carnelian

Week 6

Tuesday 29th Nov 2022

Session 6 - Abundance and wellbeing

Crystal Grids for the self, and sacred geometry

Guided Meditation: Aventurine

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