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1. Please make your desired purchase below, by Card/Apple pay/Paypal

2. You'll receive an email from me on the same day to arrange your healing or reading at a time to suit you. 

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Please allow
UP TO 2 hours
for this treatment
In person (Stroud) or remotely

£65 (in person)
£45 (via distance


Treatments include:

  • chakra balancing 

  • clearing blocked meridians 

  • energy field corrections 

  • clearing entities and repairing holes in the aura 

  • colour therapy 

  • neuropatterning

  • clearing core beliefs and discordant energies

  • application and diffusion of specific crystal energies.

In person healing @Ownzone, Stroud

Distance healing

(in person only)
1 hour - Stroud Goddess Temple

Pamper yourself with a mini crystal spa treatment.....

One Sunday a month I offer 'Crystal Chill Out' Sessions, which are designed to offer you some relaxation and chill out time with the crystals.

The sessions last for one hour and include: * chakra balance treatment * crystal guided meditation * selenite cleanse Please purchase below and I will email you to arrange your time slot


30 mins - £30
1 hour - £55
Via Zoom (worldwide) or in person (Stroud)

Sometimes we all need a little clarity in life to assess where we are and how to move forward

I read using The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray

Providing hope in these uncertain times, angel cards are positive rays of light and encouragement. Receive a 9 card reading, read in 3 different ways (yes, 3 readings!) and allow the angels to shine light on your path forward today. The three readings cover: Family, love and relationships, career Past, present, future Strength, blessing, challenge These are positive guidance cards and there is never anything to fear from an angel card reading. Readings available on Zoom (worldwide), via telephone (UK only) or in person (Stroud only). How do angel card readings work? Angels use the Law of Attraction to draw us towards cards that mirror the situation we're in, or to give us information that we need to know. The Law of Attraction is a universal spiritual law where we attract experiences and energies that match where we are vibrationally at that time.

30 mins

1 hr


My guides will recommend the best crystal for you to work with at this time, and channel a personal message direct from that crystal’s oversoul. You will receive an email containing an image of the crystal type, an indication of its general properties and a direct channelled message with advice specific to you. Please note, I do not sell crystals so I have no vested interest in which crystals are recommended. You are welcome to purchase your prescribed crystal at a nearby shop or online if you wish, or you can just work with the crystal’s message for you at this time.

Receive an email with a channelled message just for you

Refunds and Cancellations

Please note that for cancellations or re-arrangement, a minimum of 48 hours' notice must be given. For any cancellation or re-arrangement within 48 hours of your confirmed appointment, I am only able to give a 50% refund.

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