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1. Please make your desired purchase below, by Card/Apple pay/Paypal

2. You'll receive an email from me on the same day to arrange your healing at a time to suit you. 

Please allow
UP TO 2 hours
for this treatment
In person (Stroud) or remotely

£70 (in person)
£50 (via distance


Treatments include:

  • chakra balancing 

  • clearing blocked meridians 

  • energy field corrections 

  • clearing entities and repairing holes in the aura 

  • colour therapy 

  • neuropatterning

  • clearing core beliefs and discordant energies

  • application and diffusion of specific crystal energies.

In person healing @Ownzone, Stroud

Distance healing


My guides will recommend the best crystal for you to work with at this time, and channel a personal message direct from that crystal’s oversoul. You will receive an email containing an image of the crystal type, an indication of its general properties and a direct channelled message with advice specific to you. Please note, I do not sell crystals so I have no vested interest in which crystals are recommended. You are welcome to purchase your prescribed crystal at a nearby shop or online if you wish, or you can just work with the crystal’s message for you at this time.

Receive an email with a channelled message just for you


Refunds and Cancellations

Please note that for cancellations or re-arrangement, a minimum of 48 hours' notice must be given. For any cancellation or re-arrangement within 48 hours of your confirmed appointment, I am only able to give a 50% refund.

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