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Picture of a beautiful purple Amethyst crystal


Your Gateway to Health

These beautiful, natural treasures of the Earth have been on our planet since time began, and have been used in healing since the beginning of human civilization. Crystal Healing Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive form of vibrational energy medicine, and can be carried out in person or via distance healing.

A deeply relaxing treatment, crystal healing addresses the mind, body and spirit and as a qualified healer in Stroud, Gloucestershire, I integrate a range of therapies to promote optimal health and relaxation.

HOW CRYSTAL HEALING WORKS I believe that there's no separation between science and spirituality, and that in essence they're the same thing. Everything in this universe is made up of energy: ourselves, plants, crystals, even objects are energy that have been created from human energy. Energy moves and vibrates, and therefore everything has a vibrational frequency, determined by various factors, such as speed. Crystals emanate a very pure high vibration energy, having come from Mother Earth and gathered profound wisdom during their prolonged growth over millennia. Understanding how a light or sound wave travels can help us to visualise and understand how energy and intention moves. Sound or light waves vibrate at certain frequencies and pass through solid, liquid or gas. It follows that sound and light particles pass through air molecules in waves, vibrating at certain frequencies. Vibrations of matter occur at less than or near to the speed of light. Spirit energy, and energy healing, also moves in waves, although this kind of energy is massless and moves faster than the speed of light. This amounts to a ‘mental’ medium rather than a physical one that we can see, but it still exists. This means that energetic frequency and communication can pass directly from one person to another and be received, regardless of distance. A crystal's vibration in your energy field, because it has a high vibration, will begin to raise the energy you're emitting and with intention and direction can also cleanse or re-purpose stagnant or negative energy patterns. In addition, intuition can reach the practitioner through their open communication channel with angels, spirit guides and the Divine Source. Allow these crystalline Yodas to guide you in living your best life.

“A very calming, relaxing atmosphere created. Very professional and kind with good subject knowledge.”

“I feel I’ve benefitted from Susan’s sessions. It’s helped me relax. She was aware of my busy mind and helped me to relax beforehand. I would seek further crystal therapy sessions in future.”

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"In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being"

Nikola Tesla

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